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Buying a yacht or boat abroad? Protect your purchase price now.

If you are thinking of buying your yacht abroad The International Currency Network can save you money on your foreign exchange payments.

Whether you wish to purchase a yacht, speed boat or even replacement parts for your existing vessel ICN can ensure that you are protected against Foreign Currency Fluctuations. Due to the time gap between placing your order and delivery, the original quoted price may differ drastically, because of movements in the currency market.

ICN can fix the price at the time of ordering ensuring that there are no unpleasant surprises when the final payment is due. It is our aim to provide you the customer with the most cost effective and professional currency exchange solutions.

As well as offering you the most comprehensive, individually tailored transfer service we also guarantee :

  • No CommissionForward prices
  • Your own assigned agent to manage the whole process

Contact The International Currency Network now to take advantage of our unbeatable foreign exchange rates.

What to do Next
If you wish to talk to a dealer about your requirements, call us on +44 (0)20 8464 5888 , or please click the icons to download the ICN registration form in Microsoft word or Adobe Pdf format

ICN guide

No your Options!
Before you decide on the yacht for you talk to our team. We can provide with vital information and advice so that when you find the ideal vessel you are ready to move. Our advisers can explain current market movements and provide you with an idea of exactly how much you will get for your currency.

Open an ICN account
Open a no obligation, free, account with ICN and let us start working for you immediately. Opening an account allows you to take immediate advantage of our market expertise and enables you to take full advantage of currency fluctuations in your favour as well as protecting you from negative swings in the market

Setting up your account is easy
Opening an account is easy, simply fill in the online application form or contact us on +44 (0)20 84681040 and we will send you the application pack. Visit the New accounts section on our website and simply follow the prompts.

Once you have found the right Vessel
Once you have found the right property contact ICN and we will provide you with the most suitable payment package.

My Yacht is being built
If your Yacht is under construction then it is likely that stage payments are required over a certain length of time. The currency market never stays still and so fluctuations could affect your payments. ICN can provide you with a fixed rate forward contract which will protect you against any fluctuations in the currency market for the period of your payments. Flexibility and piece of mind.

Buying your Yacht
Once we have arranged the best exchange rate we can ensure payment to the seller within two working days. This is done using both spot contracts and fixed rate forward contracts depending on your requirements.

Your Contract
Decided on the right contract for you? Then simply phone and agree verbally. We will then forward the relevant paper work for you to fill in and sign.

Settling the account
Once you have agreed a contract you should have the cleared funds in our client account by close of business the next day. For a forward fixed rate contract this will be 10% of the contract value. For a spot contract full payment is required.

Payment Methods
There are a variety of payment methods to suit all requirements. It should be noted that timing is an important factor when deciding on a payment method.

Releasing your funds
We will release your funds immediately. Once we receive your payment we can transfer the funds straight away with no delay.

What do I do next?

If you wish to talk to a dealer about your requirements, call us on +44 (0)20 8464 5888