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Importing a car can allow you to save substantially on the price in the UK. Unfortunately these savings can be reduced substantially if you choose the wrong currency deal.

More often than not the deal offered by the high street banks is less than competitive so reducing your savings. ICN can offer the most competitive exchange rates around ensuring that you not only maximise your savings but you are also protected against everyday adverse currency fluctuations.

ICN Guide

Getting started
Before deciding on your new car speak to an adviser who will provide you with an idea of how much foreign currency you will receive for your pounds. We can also advise you on current currency movements and what the implications will be for you.

Open an ICN account
Open a no obligation, free, account with ICN and let us start working for you immediately. Opening an account allows you to take immediate advantage of our market expertise and enables you to take full advantage of currency fluctuations in your favour as well as protecting you from negative swings in the market

Setting up your account is easy
Opening an account is easy, simply fill in the online application form or contact us on +44 (0)20 8464 5888 and we will send you the application pack. Visit the New accounts section on our website and simply follow the prompts.

Once you have found the right Car
Once you have found the right car contact ICN and we will provide you with the most suitable payment package.

The Deposit
You will receive a fixed exchange rate and we will guarantee payment to the supplier within two working days. Working to your time schedule we will help you find the most competitive exchange rate for your transaction.

Final Settlement
Due to the fact that the final payment may be further in the future some clients opt for a fixed rate contract ensuring that they are protected against any adverse currency fluctuations.

Choose the right contract
Once you have decided on the right contract for you simply speak to one of our advisers and they will post a formal written contact for you to sign.

Settling the account
Once you have agreed a contract you should have the cleared funds in our client account by close of business the next day. For a forward fixed rate contract this will be 10% of the contract value. For a spot contract full payment is required.

Payment Methods
There are a variety of payment methods to suit all requirements. It should be noted that timing is an important factor when deciding on a payment method.

Releasing your funds
We will release your funds immediately. Once we receive your payment we can transfer the funds straight away with no delay.

What do I do next?

If you wish to talk to a dealer about your requirements, call us on +44 (0)20 8464 5888